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The Full Story

Meet Eunice, a wanderer turned wonder-maker. 
Growing up she always loved exploring nature and finding inspiration all around her. Passionate about decoration as long as she can remember.
However, mom's words echoed in her ears, warning that as an artist, you will fail to make a living.
Part of it was true, as talent alone is never enough.
So, she never really followed this path. Had to let go of her hobbies, dreams and aptitudes to focus on something more real.

Fast forward a few years and an Academy of Economics Study later, realized that was not for her.
Her artistic, adventurous and spontaneous side led her to leave the country and move for a few years in the Middle East.

Decided she wanted to travel the world, craving adventure and cultural treasures from every corner of the globe.
42 countries later moved back home. After all the experience gathered, decided was time to focus on herself and the things she really cared about.
Teaming up with her husband, they created a sustainable movement- Exult Planet- a mission to make the world greener and kinder. Reuse, not just recyle became their empowering mantra!

A couple of years and a baby later, she started to flirt with her creative side once again. 
So, between sleepless nights, diaper changes and all the baby giggles, a new artistic adventure began.
Now she's fearlessly balancing motherhood and her creative pursuit, sprinkling inspiration into every piece.

Be ready to let her prints transport you to a world where dreams meet reality. 
The bold, vivid kind of dreams. The dreams that can soar higher than doubts.


Where art meets sustainability, and creativity cultivates care for the environment.
We believe that art holds the power to ignite souls and spark change. 
Embracing the boundless wonders of creativity, we aim to inspire hearts to beat in harmony with nature.
We hope to inspire others to appreciate the world's wonders and protect its beauty.

We consciously choose eco-friendly materials, reducing our environmental footprint with every creation. From recycled paper to sustainable inks, each step we take is a brushstroke of care for the world we share.


Ar Artbits & Pieces we envision a world where art transcends borders, unifying cultures in a vibrant celebration of creativity. Guided by our deep-rooted passion for sustainability, we envision a canvas where every brushstroke contributes to a greener, kinder planet.

Through our art pieces, we aspire to celebrate the rich diversity of our world.  Each print becomes a window to new horizons, inviting you to explore, embrace, and cherish the mosaic of cultures that color our existence.

But our vision goes beyond the art itself. We dream of a future where creativity knows no bounds, where artists everywhere dare to dream, and their passions find nurturing support. A world where sustainable businesses thrive, proving that success can be rooted in compassion and care for the environment.

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